A quick intro to get the most out of MSK

*** the following is not medical nor professional advice, it is your responsibility to consult your doctor for any and all activities you participate in ***

Here’s how we use MSK for stamina…

  • For every 50lbs of bodyweight, take 1 capsule
  • round up (in 50lb increments)
  • then add 2 more capsules
  • take on an empty stomach, and ideally with a little bit of citrus (like orange juice)

For example… Brian weighs 195lbs, round up to hit the 200lb bracket. 50 goes into 200 four(4) times, so that’s 4 capsules. Add 2 more capsules so that’s a total of 6.

Jesse weighs 142lbs, rounds up to 150, so that’s 3 capsules. Add 2 more which makes a total of 5 capsules.

You may need to slightly tweak those numbers after you try a few times, to see what works best for you. Everybody responds a little differently.

Give it about 45-60 minutes before the stamina effect kicks in. Then it will last you a couple hours.

So that means it’s perfect to take while you’re out for the night, or right before you kick back for some “netflix and chill”

A few tips…

Avoid daily/constant use. Once you experience the Sex-God-like control over your manhood, you may feel the urge to use MSK all the time. However it’s best NOT to use daily. It wouldn’t harm you, but your body will likely develop a tolerance. Just like coffee or anything else, continual use will build a tolerance and require more and more to get the same results.

– Use MSK for the 1st and 2nd time by yourself, with the adult entertainment of your choice, following the guidelines above. This will give you a comfortable, low pressure way to gauge your optimal dosage and notice the astounding ejaculation-delay effects of MSK Stamina Fuel.

– Always stay well hydrated. Drink plenty of water. That’s just good practice anyways.

– If you aren’t noticing a stamina effect, next time be sure to try MSK on an empty stomach (still with the orange juice though)… because your system absorbs it much easier without digesting food in the way. You can eat a while after taking your MSK caps, but let it get into your system first. If taking on an empty stomach doesn’t help, next time up your amount of capsules moderately.

– MSK is most effective used along with an active lifestyle. For the body to deliver ANYTHING where it needs to go, you need to have bloodflow. You can’t live a sedentary lifestyle of clogged and stagnant arteries and expect anything good to happen.

– As mentioned above, try MSK a few times to get a feel for it first. Especially your first time, plan on staying in, no driving or heavy machinery. This is purely precautionary. There have been ZERO incidences of accident or other harms due to MSK.

Finally, don’t hesitate to reach out to us –> support [at] mskbioactives .com

– Brian and Jesse



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