Frequently Asked Questions

Where is MSK™ manufactured?

MSK is manufactured in a U.S. facility that is CGMP compliant— in other words; facility follows “Good Manufacturing Practices” as FDA mandates.

Who created MSK™ and what is their background?

MSK was born from the 118 years combined experience of it's founding team. With a lifelong passion for self improvement and male performance optimization, MSK Stamina Fuel is the perfect culmination of peak performance technology for any man looking to improve his prowess.

What are the side effects?

No side effects have been reported out of thousands of customers! We provide no medical advice nor guarantees. It is your responsibility to consult your doctor before undergoing any new exercise, nutritional, or supplementation changes.

What ingredients are in MSK™?

See supplement facts label below.

Do I need prescription?


How long does it take to work and how long will the results last?

Allow 45 minutes for the incredible stamina effects to kick in. Your stamina may be dramatically resilient for up to 3 hours.

What are the advantage for using MSK Stamina Fuel™ as compared to other products available on the marketplace?
  • No expensive and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.
  • No daily disciplines necessary to see effects. Take when needed!
  • Feel all the pleasure while lasting longer! No numbness or mess to deal with like other creams or contraptions.
Who can take or consume MSK™?

Anyone age 18 or above! It is your responsibility to consult your doctor before undergoing any new exercise, nutritional, or supplementation changes.

MSK™ is specifically designed to help men last longer in bed by increasing sexual stamina and delaying orgasms. Simply taking this all-natural and safe blend, you may experience direct, fast-acting improvements in your sex life.

By helping you last longer in bed, MSK Stamina Fuel™ may give you a boost of newfound confidence, improving your overall performance and leaving your partner completely satisfied. We promise you will both feel the difference with your very first time! If you’re at all concerned about sexual stamina or simply want to last longer in bed, look to MSK Stamina Fuel™ to help extend your most intimate moments.

MSK Stamina Fuel™ contains a unique blend of roots, leafs, herbs, and other natural supplements exclusive only to this patent-pending, ODORLESS formulation. Plus, MSK's powerful formula boasts a special ingredient shown to help diminish hyperexcitability of the skin which can be vital to extending your intimate encounters!

Why Should You Use MSK?

Although you may begin to notice the difference with your first time with MSK Stamina Fuel™, gain the greatest results by following our recommended usage program.

MSK Stamina Fuel™ may boost your sexual endurance without losing any sensitivity in the bedroom. Make your pleasure last well into the morning by ordering MSK Stamina Fuel™ today!

Special ingredients help diminish hyperexcitability in the skin, allowing you to last longer and improve performance. Use MSK Stamina Fuel™ along with our other sexual enhancers to experience an increase in sexual stamina, heightened sensitivity, improved firmness, and healthy erections.

Your partner will be more than pleased with the results. Build a healthy, intimate relationship and spend more of your time between the sheets with MSK Stamina Fuel™!

What is the Recommended Usage Program for MSK?

MSK Stamina Fuel™ is very easy to use. Simply take the recommended amount of capsules (based on your bodyweight) 45-120 minutes before you expect to be intimate with your partner.

Suggested Usage Based On Bodyweight, 45-120 minutes prior to intimacy:

  • 100-150 lbs ::: 4 capsules
  • 150-200 lbs ::: 5 capsules
  • 200-250 lbs ::: 6 capsules

It is important for you to follow the usage program as it will help you determine how much MSK Stamina Fuel™ you need. Each person’s bodily makeup is different and individual results will vary. By following the usage program especially during self-pleasuring, you will be able to practice with MSK Stamina Fuel™ before sharing a sexual experience with your partner. You’ll be able to gauge how quickly MSK Stamina Fuel™ absorbs for YOU, so that you can best satisfy your partner.



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